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Dustin's Unique Items



Safety Seal / Shrink Band from .88" to 6" diameter in any lenght



$2.5  Flat rate shipping with tracking regardless of how many item you buy, 1or 100 your whole order will ship for $2.5 !!!!!!


New clear shrink bands (tube. tubing) for tamper proof, seal for a large variety of products... containers, bottles, soap bar, candle, chapstick, art and crafts, etc. etc.


Exceptionally HIGH Quality bands. Absolutely New, these are used with a heat gun, hair dryer or similar heating device etc.


Item for sale:

Safety seal shrink bands for cap size .88" to 6" diameter , perfect for plastic or glass bottles . These are CLEAR shrink wrap bands cut to any length you want. Each lot is of 1 (one) continuous yard long, multiply by the number of item you order so the buyer can cut it to any length desired once received. Only the seal are for sale everything else in the picture are for demonstration only. Measure the longest distance around your object and order the next size up from the chart below. 

PLEASE Contact me if you are not sure what size to use or for large quantity discount. Thanks

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