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Dustin's Unique Items



Hammock with Mosquito net

$49.99 $70.00

The hammock comes fully fitted with a full sized polyester net, allowing the air to circulate. It will also keep all insects at bay once assembled. It also has a two way zipped entrance with two removable spreader bars, or can be used without the net. All that is requires is to attach it to a safe and secure location. Perfect for camping fishing hiking or hunting, especially with insects problem.


* VERY EASY to hang

* Quick Dry if accidentally get wet

* Prevent insects bites

* Light and Durable (2.5 lb.)

* Can be use as pillow

* Fold neatly in to a carrying case



You will get everything in the picture except the tree and the model.. ;-)


1 X Hammock and Mosquito net

2 x spreader bar for the mosquito net (pre-install)

2 x hanging rope




* Base:Breathable Ripstop Nylon

* Mosquito net: Nylon

* Length 4" X 8"

* Support 130 kg



This will be ship from US warehouse via USPS priority mail so you will get it quickly and safely.

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