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Micro DNC Device

$290.99 $379.99



Typically to transmit the data after it has been programmed by software to a CNC machine, we need to have a computer and a transfer adapter to connect directly (if connected via parallel port) with CNC machines.

This caused some defect:

• Cost expenses: a dedicated computer

• Wasted place: Placing the computer in the production floor take up valuable space

• Instability:

• virus infected may transmitted wrong data to CNC machine

• if one of the computer’s peripherals damaged (hard drive..ect)

• software corrupted


DNC Transfer Device is to transmit data to the CNC after being programmed. The inputs of this device is the USB port or Ethernet port, we will copy the data after programmed into USB, memory card, (or transmit directly via Ethernet port) and plug in device DNC. The output of this decive is a RS232 port or parallel port, we need to supply power to devices through a adapter or take power directly from the CNC machine via RS232 cable or parallel cable


• Cost cheap: Using MICRO DNC will save a significant cost

• Do not waste space: Due to compact so will not waste space in the production area.

• Stable, Simple operation and does not take much time, can work continuously for long time

• Reliable: , The 2gb internal memory is enough to store many program so time will be save when running multiple product

• Upgradeable, The firmware is easily upgrade by the end user.



MICRO DNC is a device used to transmit programs for CNC machining (eg CNC milling machine, CNC Lathe, CNC Router, computerized embroidery machines ...). This transmitter is a compact design, paste directly to the CNC body by the magnet, not occupy factory area, quick and easy ... as alternatives to instead computers to transmit data to CNC machine

MICRO DNC compatible with CNC machines currently uses operating systems such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Yasnac, Okuma, Mazak ...

• Reads USB 2.0 with various capacities.

• 2Gb internal memory capacity

• Can be transmitted over the network via an Ethernet port (optional $50 extra)

• Wireless capable (optional)

• Reading is the long file names up to 255 characters

• Graphic LCD very intuitive

• In addition to data transmission to CNC machines, MICRO DNC can take out programs, parameters ... from the CNC machine.

• Automatic return to the first file after the transmitting complete

• Select the files you want to transfer in a list displayed on the LCD screen

• Set the function and parameters with the button, displayed directly on the LCD Graphic, simple, intuitive

• Speed baud rate up to 19.200bps (1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200). Change the data transfer rate for parallel ports.

• 2 years warranty

The basic parameters:

Model:  USB 2 DNC

Origin: NT Electronics

Product Images


Design features • Size: 4 ¼ ”x3”x1 1/8 ”

• Weight: 10.5 oz.

• Tough Aluminum shell

• 03 magnet to attach to CNC machine

• 01 DC power port.

• 01 USB port.

• 01 RJ45 ports

• 01 port RS232

• 01 LCD monitor

• 05 buttons to customize

Power supply

• 12V 1A DC adapter

• draw power from the RS232 port or parallel port.


• All operating systems of Fanuc

• Mitsubishi

• Mori Sheiki

• Yasnas

• Mazak

• Okuma ...



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