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Dustin's Unique Items



Dustin's Alpha Hinge Clamp Lite



Alpha hinge clamps for 1 color silkscreen printing press


Easy to use steel hinge clamps that will hold all wood or metal screens from 5/8" to 2.75" (1.5cm to 7 cm ) thick. Unlike other hinges that have 2 separate parts, this hinge is a solid steel piece to firmly holds screens in place for positive registration. While most hinge clamps pivot around a pin where the inherent free-play (loose) of the system will cause the screen to wobble, the Alpha Hinge movement is base on the dual metal balls bearing so screen move freely and you wont loose your registration. Your line and colors alignment will stay sharp every time, print after print. This a much better clamp than most of the similar devices on the market i.e. Jiffy, Speedball, Butterfly, Tabletop . 100% money back guarantee. Just bolt it to the table or flat surface and turns it into a 1-color printer.





* Movement on dual Balls-bearing so no jerking or sticking or free-play


* Just three (3) hold-down screws to keep the clamp from moving


* One piece (dont have to align together like the 2 piece hinge clamps)


* Off Contact adjustment


* Thick galvanize, zinc-plated steel construction




Please email for classroom group purchase or multiple item discount.



SHIPPING: For multiple hinges, shipping cost will also be free. I will send the item out to you as soon as I received the payment. If you send payment before 2pm it will ship the same day if payment sent after 2pm it will ship the next day. Thanks


Please ask any questions you may have and I will try to answer them the best I can.

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